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What do You Want

Posted by
Lee (Fort Frances Ontario, Canada) on 9 October 2009 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

Found this little guy swimming across the lake. Bears are excellent swimmers. They never seem to tire. The lighting was not very good. The water was a little wavy. The boat was staying in gear and moving. If you get to close to a bear swimming in water, they will try to climb in your boat.
You'll be pleased to know, he made it to shore. Climbed out of the water and ran like the dickens.

Thank you for visiting my site. I consider myself to be lucky living where I do. Everyday I wake up to a wealth of interesting visual scenarios. Most of my pictures are Wildlife and Nature taken from around the area. The area specifically being Fort Frances Ontario on beautiful Rainy Lake. Feel free to comment on what you see. I look forward to hearing from you. If you like what you see, please rate it. Better yet, bookmark the site and drop back often. I will be posting daily.
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eva from Rouen, France

Did he try to climb with you in your boat ???
Marvelous courage Lee ! and beautiful shot !

9 Oct 2009 5:47am

amirreza from tehran, Iran

hurry up swimming:)
well done

9 Oct 2009 7:18am

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Beautiful catch.

9 Oct 2009 7:50am

Baby Sis from Canada

Nice picture. Like I said before, too brave for me.

9 Oct 2009 9:39am

@Baby Sis: The weekend is here. Hip hip hooooray. Too bad it started snowing tonight. Oh well, it'll britghten things up a little.

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

Well...if you weren't wouldn't get the kind of photos you do...AND...we would be frustrated!

9 Oct 2009 10:15am

Mirjam from Kiev, Ukraine

A great brave shot!

9 Oct 2009 10:36am

Elora from Genoa, Italy

you are one brave man :)

9 Oct 2009 11:02am

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Amazing! I guess if I were swimming across a lake, I'd try to climb into any boat I came across too!
Wonderful shot!

9 Oct 2009 12:27pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada's not even Saturday yet and I'm taking a bath!!! Nicely captured Lee! ;-)))

9 Oct 2009 12:29pm

mohkum from Muscat, Oman

Wonderful action shot with lot of suspense!

9 Oct 2009 12:48pm

Thea from Leeuwarden, Netherlands

A wonderful shot! Bear..ehhh dear devil :)

9 Oct 2009 12:53pm

philippe from dijon, France

Impressionnante cette image, bravo et bonne soirée, Philippe.

9 Oct 2009 2:02pm

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

A suggestion - next time, get the boat really close. Think of the great shots you would get of him climbing in to join you! OK, just kiddin', Lee. ;-)

9 Oct 2009 2:57pm

@B. Thomas: I was about 6-7 feet from him at some points. Too close almost. Kept the boat moving so he couldn't do anything we would not like. Right Don.

Anthony Morgan Lambert from Bielefeld(an old West Wales boy), Germany

Once again,stunning wildlife shots this week all making me jealous of where you live !!

9 Oct 2009 5:21pm

Christel from Köln, Germany

Good evening, Lee,
very brave of you to shoot the bear from the boat. The recording is once again brilliant. I hope that you will never be eaten by some wild animal.
Take care !!!!! Dear greetings Christel

9 Oct 2009 6:26pm

Nathan from Whitehorse, Canada

Great action shot of the bear swimming! I imagine that the water isn't too warm. You said you were getting a lot of rain but I didn't know you had this much that the bears need to swim everywhere!

Again, I am impressed with your "being at the right place at the right time" skill set. I am assuming it takes a lot of outdoor time to get pictures like this.

10 Oct 2009 2:26am

@Nathan: It's is really amazing sometimes NAthan. I have spent an awfull lot of time out and about. I have shots of three different bears swimming in the water. I am trying to find a moose or deer swimming but cannot seem to be in the so called right place at the right time. This is after four years of trying. Maybe next year. Our rain has now changed to snow. brrrrr. Have a great weekend. btw, your firefly fact did remeind of childhood days. And if I ever manage to find a chameleon I'll remember not to try and sneak up on it. Take care, have a great weekend.

LCImagery from Oregon, United States

Really; nice movement in the water as he is swimming and the bears are so full of life :), I recently saw one in the middle of the road while driving up in the forest to my photo spot. Like you say they do run like the dickens. While it is true that bears have the potential to be dangerous to humans and are injured by bears every year, in reality, the incidence of attacks on humans is relatively rare. I do hope you take caution while in the wild..

10 Oct 2009 1:33pm

@LCImagery: Thank you for your care and concern Lori. I am always very careful when out and about. Most times I use a strong lens. It helps to fill the frame for me. But, most of all, I am not like the Grizzly Man. I do (or am afraid) respect bears and other wildlife.

Sarah from Suisse, Switzerland

Lee, you are always surprising me! I can't believe this shot - amazing! You are so privileged to see these sights! And I am SO jealous!!

14 Oct 2009 10:39am